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Create OSGi config to serve as feature flag for "Remote Web Application" widget functionality


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      As described in the research document, under "Backend needs → Functional requirements → High-level", the Remote Web Application feature will require a significant set of functionality to be integrated into master, so we want a feature flag that will allow us to ship it incrementally as pieces are completed:


      We're going to need:

      • Ability to create a config file, likely named something like "com.liferay.remote.web.apps.internal.configuration.RemoteWebAppsConfiguration.config".
      • Based on contents of file (either: enabled="true" or enabled="false"), once dropped into the DXP instance's "osgi/configs" directory, code can check at runtime to see whether Remote Web Applications functionality should be enabled.

      Note about the naming: want input on what the OSGi module itself should be called, as well as what Brian is likely to accept/reject (for example, if the widget lives in "remote-web-apps/remote-web-apps-web", will he object to the repetition of "web"?). The decision on naming will obviously also be relevant to LPS-116361, which is the task for creating the OSGi module in the first place.

      Note about granularity: at present, we're just proposing a single feature flag to cover access to the Remote Web Applications feature as a whole. At a later point if we realize we need more granular control, we can look at adding separate flags.




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