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Repeated field in second language has default language content although translation was added before repetition



      Reproducing Steps

      1. Create a new web content structure with a text box repeatable, localizable field.
      2. Start creating a new web content with that structure.
      3. In the default language, fill out the title.
      4. Add a new translation to another language.
      5. Modify the title in the new language.
      6. Go back to the default language.
      7. Fill out the text field with "texto1".
      8. Repeat the field.
      9. Fill out the repeated text field with "texto2".
      10. Publish the web content.
      11. Edit the web content.
      12. Go to the second language.
        Expected: The title has the translated value. The 2 text fields are blank.
        Observed: The title has the translated value. Only the original field is blank. The repeated field has the value "texto2".




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