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[Impedibug] Error when editing a Web Content Structure adding a field group with a field which already is present - PASSED


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      Data_Engine_7.3_17, Data_Engine_7.3_18, Data_Engine_7.3_19, Data_Engine_7.3_20, Data_Engine_7.3_21, Data_Engine_7.3_22, Data_Engine_7.3_23, Data_Engine_7.3_24, Data_Engine_7.3_27, Data_Engine_7.3_25, Data_Engine_7.3_26, Data_Engine_7.3_28



      Go to osgi/configs folder and copy this file (make sure it has the content useDataEngineEditor=B"true"):

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Content & Data > Web Content > Click to create a New Structure
      2. Drag and drop a Text field and Save the Structure
      3. Select the Web Content tab and click on create a New Web Content, and select the structure just created on step 2
      4. Go back to Content & Data > Web Content and select the Structure tab and click on the Structure created on step 2 to edit it
      5. Drag and drop another Text field (don't edit its label)
      6. Drag a Date field and drop on the same area of Text field dropped on above step to crate a field group (don't edit its label) and save
      7. Select the Web Content tab and click on the Web Content created on step 3 to edit it
      8. Save the Web Content

      Expected Result
      7. "Oops! An error happening. Try again!" is displayed instead of Web Content rendered by its selected Structure
      The error log from console of browser:
      TypeError: "fieldProps.field is undefined"
      8. Despite the error, the Web Content is saved successfully. From this moment, all edition on Structure will handle error on Web Content just because the user saved with error. Refer this video for further information: ActualResult_July3.mp4

      *Note 1: this error happens when editing a Structure which did not have a field group before and, after edition, the user adds a field group with a same field that is not part of a field group, exactly as described in this bug. So if you create a structure from scratch with two field groups even that both have same field, this bug does not happen

      *Note 2: This error does not reproduce on old form build engine

      Actual Result
      7. No error must be displayed and the Web Content must be edited and rendered successfully
      8. The Web Content must not be saved and at moment to click on Save, an error must be informed to the end user

      Reproduced In
      master: f833273185ef36d50bc2c8103a683e640dd18d03
      database: mysql


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