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      Go to osgi/configs folder and copy this file (make sure it has the content useDataEngineEditor=B"true"):

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Content & Data > Web Content > Click to create a New Structure
      2. Drag and drop a Text field and Save the Structure
      3. Go to Content & Data > Web Content > Structures
      4. Select the Structure saved on step 2
      5. Remove the Text field by leaving the Structure in blank, and Save the Structure

      Expected Result
      5. The error below must be displayed and the Structure is not updated

      Actual Result
      5. The Portal allows editing a Structure in blank

      *Note 1: this error happens only for edition. It does not happen when creating a new Structure
      *Note 2: This error does not reproduce on old form build engine

      Side Effect:
      As it is possible to edit with no field, if a Web Content is created based on this Structure and we set it into a page, the Web Content on that page is displayed with only the field label "Text". This does not make sense once the Structure has not field, however if we fix the error according to Expected Result, the user won't be able to reach out this side effect

      Reproduced In
      master: f833273185ef36d50bc2c8103a683e640dd18d03
      database: mysql




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