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      Go to osgi/configs folder and copy this file (make sure it has the content useDataEngineEditor=B"true"):

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Go to Content & Data > Web Content > Click to create a New Structure exactly equal to image below:

      Notice that it is a Field Group and the Repeatable option is enabled to Field Group and to Text field as well

      2. Go to Content & Data > Web Content > Click to create a New Web Content based on Structure created on step above
      3. From Web Content edition page, click on Duplicate field group option:

      4. Fill out all fields and press in Publish button
      5. Select the Web Content to edit

      **Note 1: check the video with further information and all steps: *

      *Note 2: This error does not reproduce on old form build engine

      Expected Result
      4. The Web Content is published with all fields filled out including the duplicate field group values as well
      5. The Web Content is opened with two field groups: the original field group and the duplicated one

      Actual Result
      4. The values filled out for duplicated field group is not persisted, you will notice that on the next step or if you set this web content into a page so it can be displayed
      5. The Web Content is opened with only a field group, and the duplicated field group is not displayed

      *Note: this error happens for duplicate field into a field group as well. If we drag a field outside the field group the duplicate works fine. So the problem is duplicate for field group only

      Reproduced In
      master: f833273185ef36d50bc2c8103a683e640dd18d03
      database: mysql




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