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[Impedibug] Error when removing a duplicated field when it is in the middle of other duplicated fields - PASSED


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      Data_Engine_7.3_17, Data_Engine_7.3_18, Data_Engine_7.3_19, Data_Engine_7.3_20, Data_Engine_7.3_21, Data_Engine_7.3_22, Data_Engine_7.3_23, Data_Engine_7.3_24, Data_Engine_7.3_27, Data_Engine_7.3_25, Data_Engine_7.3_26, Data_Engine_7.3_28



      Go to osgi/configs folder and copy this file (make sure it has the content useDataEngineEditor=B"true"):

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Watch the video to reproduce the steps:

      Screen Recording 2020-07-06 at 12.46.33.mov

      Expected Result
      1. Must be possible to delete a duplicated field when it is present between (in the middle) of other duplicated fields

      *Note: This error does not reproduce on old form build engine

      Actual Result
      1. Notice on the video that the duplicate field with value 2 was removed and the web content was saved. When opening again the web content, the removed field still was appearing. So, its remotion was not persisted. Notice that when the user saves the web content after remove the duplicated field with value 2, the Portal does not display the success message. In general, when this message does not appear, it is because something wrong happened

      Reproduced In
      master: f833273185ef36d50bc2c8103a683e640dd18d03
      database: mysql




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