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Elements are not displayed into correct order when using the collapse feature


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      Data_Engine_7.3_17, Data_Engine_7.3_18, Data_Engine_7.3_19, Data_Engine_7.3_20, Data_Engine_7.3_21, Data_Engine_7.3_22, Data_Engine_7.3_23, Data_Engine_7.3_24, Data_Engine_7.3_27, Data_Engine_7.3_25, Data_Engine_7.3_26, Data_Engine_7.3_29, Data_Engine_7.3_28, Data_Engine_7.3_30



      1. Go to osgi/configs folder and copy this file (make sure it has the content useDataEngineEditor=B"true"):*

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Create a Web Content based on a Structure like this one:

      Basically the Structure consists in:

      • FIELD GROUP PARENT groups FIELD GROUP 1, FIELD GROUP 2 and Grid field
      • FIELD GROUP 1 groups FIELD GROUPS 1.1 which groups Text and Select from List fields
      • FIELD GROUP 2 groups Numeric and Color fields

      2. Click on Publish button
      3. Create a Widget page and publish the web content
      4. Access the Widget page and check if the order of fields of web content are displayed correctly

      Expected Result
      4. The order of Web Content fields must be displayed into correct order, according to it was set to Structure. According to the image, the correct order of fields should be: Text, Select from List, Numeric, Color and Grid

      *Note: No way to try to reproduce that in old form build once we did not have collapse feature there

      Actual Result
      4. The order of Web Content fields is displayed wrongly, such as the image below:

      The order displayed is: Text, Select from List, Grid, Numeric and Color. Notice that grid is displayed in the middle and it should be the last field

      Reproduced In
      master: f833273185ef36d50bc2c8103a683e640dd18d03
      database: mysql


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