There are some issues in forms related to accessibility:

      1. There are wrong translations into Spanish;
      2. Labels and inputs are not related;
      3. Contrast color is insufficient in paragraph field;
      4. Asterisk for required fields is not accessible;
      5. Single Selection, Multiple Selection and Grid fields should be using legend instead of label.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start Liferay and change language to Spanish;
      2. Create a new Form adding a field of type paragraph (Check expected behavior 1);
      3. Also add a field of type Text and make it required;
      4. Add these fields as well: Single Selection, Multiple Selection and Grid;
      5. Add the form to a new page;
      6. Inspect the DOM (Check expected behavior 2);
      7. Check the color contrast of paragraph's field body text with AXE (Chrome extension) or in (Check expected behavior 3);
      8. Check the asterisk for text field (Check expected behavior 4);
      9. Check if the labels on the Single Selection, Multiple Selection and Grid fields use label elements (Check expected behavior 5).

      Expected behavior 1
      Translation for 'Body text' is 'Cuerpo del texto'

      Actual behavior 1
      Translation for 'Body text' is 'Cuero del texto'

      Expected behavior 2
      Labels are related to the inputs they are labelling

      Actual behavior 2
      There is no relation between labels and inputs.

      Expected behavior 3
      There is enough color constrast between the color of the text and the background

      Actual behavior 3
      There is not enough color contrast.

      Expected behavior 4
      There should be some information, specially thinking about screen readers, saying that field is required

      Actual behavior 4
      There is no information about that field being required.

      Expected behavior 5
      Fields that use radio buttons and checkboxes should be using the legend element.

      Actual behavior 5
      Fields that use radio buttons and checkboxes are using the label element.

      Edit 1: behavior 3 was handled by LPS-119223 and behavior 2 and 4 were handled by LPS-118306.
      Edit 2: behavior 5 was added because it got fixed in the pull request but wasn't documented here.


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