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As a UX Designer I would like to Import or export style books




      Style Books allows UX Designer to define CSS styles and Style rules. In order to allow them to share distribute them as part of a theme or individually UX Designer would also like to be able to import (or export) them from a site to a dedicated application in order to edit them.

      Given a UX Designer has designed a Style Book via the UI


      When the UX Designer clicks on Export after selecting a Style Book

      Then the style book gets downloaded as a map (key - Value) in a JSON file


      When the UX Designer clicks on Import after selecting a Style Book (JSON) stored locally

      Then the style book :

      • gets uploaded to the site
      • is visible as an additional Style Book in the Style Books menu
      • is editable as if created from the site


      NOTE1: Impot/Export are without JSON definition (a second round of texting would be interesting to do when Tokens are created, see Style Epic LPS-98586)

      NOTE2: Figma is not reference for this story, only for illustration. 

      Figma Mockup 

      Test Scenarios

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration) Could it be covered by POSHI?
      Can export single style book entry and import Critical Manual No Yes Yes
      Can export multiple style book entries and import High Manual No Yes Yes
      When check Overwrite Existing Style Books, the imported style book will overwrite the existing one with same name High Manual No Yes Yes




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