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As a UX Designer I would like to access a selector to do a reference to existing CSS variable


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      As we are providing the possibility to refer to a CSS variable from a particular other CSS variable, they are cases where the user might input them with mistake. If this happens there is currently no way to give a visual feedback to make the user ensure he used a correct reference as a value.

      The goal of this story is to solve that by introducing a selector that will allow the user to select a value from existing ones.

      Given a UX Designer has created basic tokens


      When the UX Designer clicks on the color icon

      Then the UX Designer get access to the color picker allowing the users to select a color from an existing list of colors (basic colors)


      When the UX Designer types "/"

      Then a list of autocomplete CSS variables (from same Token Category) appear allowing the user to pick existing values.

      • Example: For theme colors you get a list of Color tokens.


      When the UX Designer is editing: Theme Colors

      Then the user can use references to existing Tokens

      •  examples:
        • primary=blue
        • secondary=white


      Figma Mockup





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