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      Test Case 1: Configure an instance-wide list of email domains that 2B account admins cannot add to account

      1. Go to Instance Settings - Accounts
      2. Input blocked email domains
      3. Assert warning message when blocked domain is used, B2 account admin can still add the user manually
        Note: 2B Account Users should not be able to add a user with a blocked domain. Though, this cannot be tested in the UI until 2B Account widgets are implemented. For now, we can only assert through warning messages.

      Test Case 2: Remove a blocked email domain

      1. Repeat test case 1
      2. Remove a domain
      3. Assert warning does not display anymore when domain is used

      Test Case 3: Configuration or assigned blocked domains are instance-wide only

      1. Repeat test case 1
      2. Add a new instance
      3. Add account user with blocked domain from test case 1
      4. Assert no warning message

      Test Case 4: Search for configuration in Instance Settings

      1. Go to Instance Settings
      2. Search for Email Domains
      3. Configuration exists

      Test Case 5: Instance-wide config overrides system settings

      1. Go to System Settings
      2. Enable account email domain validation
      3. Add virtual instance
      4. Add account
      5. Assert email domain validation is enabled
      6. Disable email domain validation in Instance Settings
      7. Assert Instance Settings override System Settings




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