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Email Notifications for Blog Comments and Message Board entries don't work




      Reproduced by me: mail server is configured correct and was unable to get blog comments to send notification to the blog writer.

      Reproduce steps
      1) Install liferay 6.0.4 bundle
      2) Run, check server administration panel for portal properties "blogs.email.comments.added.enabled" and "message.boards.email.message.added.enabled" are set to true
      3) Configure SMTP server (also in administration panel)

      For easy SMTP temporary setup, use these settings with your Gmail account as the SMTP server:
      SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
      Port: 465
      [x] Use Secure Connection
      User: Your gmail username
      Password: Your gmail password

      4) Create a new administrator user. make sure the email address is one that you can receive email at.
      5) confirm that you received a "new user account" email
      6) and add a blog portlet in his account as well as a blog post.
      7) Comment on it with test@liferay.com
      8) It should send you an email that a comment was added, but it doesn't.

      I'll add reproduce steps for the message board emails too if I can reproduce it


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