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It is not possible add a new field inside a nested/section which was upgraded



      Pre Condition

      1. There is a structure with nested field which was upgraded (make sure the nested field was upgraded as well)

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Log in the Portal and navigate to Content & Data -> Web Content, and click on Structure tab
      2. Select to edit the Structure mentioned on Pre Condition
      3. Try to add a new field inside a nested/section with was upgraded

      Note: Watch the attached video with further information:


      Expected result

      3. As per designed before, it is not possible to add fields inside fields without using the Field Group function. This is a relevant limitation of upgraded of structures which contain nested fields. Despite this limitation, in order to try to give friendly solution to the end user, we need to think in the following suggestions to fix this problem:

      Suggestion 1: Redesign the solution to add fields inside other fields leaving available the option of drag & drop of fields inside of other fields. Remember that this will break the design pattern previously decided by the team once to do that the user, from new design, would need to create a field group

      Suggestion 2: Do not allow the user drop the field inside of other field. If the user tries to do that, try to pop-up a message of a pattern way

      Suggestion 3: Leaving available the option of drag & drop of fields inside of other fields, but at the moment the user does this, automatically the system will convert to Field Group

      Actual result

      3. The user is not able to add a field inside of another field (Nested) and no feedback is displayed to him/her 

      Reproducible on

      Master -> 84c3975b865983e18b04fe1313fc423ab949b041


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