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Previous Pages section in the Content Performance Panel


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      Internal linking looks at how well a site links between its pages. With this section, users can see which pages in their web site are driving more traffic to the analyzed URL. If there aren't any, it's a sign that it might be an “orphaned” page or a page with high click depth, so it is hard hard for visitors to find.  Previous Pages section will provide this insights so marketers and content authors can improve their internal linking strategy.


      Marketer / Content Author.



      Technical Requirements

      • Previous Pages will show a list of the 10 top-referring pages from the same site* with traffic volume (number of visitors -not unique -, sessions or views (depends on the implementation of LPS-118107)
        • To build this list, DXP should retrieve from AC the 30 same site sending more traffic for that period of time
        • Traffic considered in this section won't be neither represented nor counted in the referral source in the traffic sources chart.
      • Info icon will show a tooltip when hovering: Previous Pages shows the site's top 10 pages sending more traffic to this page.
      • Only 5 links will be shown at the beginning; the rest of them will be displayed when clicking on a View More link under the list, and can be hidden when clicking on a View less link
      • List will show last part of the URL and a tooltip with the full URL when hovering
      • When clicking on the URL, the target page will open in a new tab
      • When there's no incoming traffic from internal to domain pages, a message will show: Ooops! Seems like no one is finding this page when visiting your site.           

      *NOTE. We are assuming that AC can identify same site's URLs. But, as a site can have several domains (configured by language), there are two options:

      • Identify same site's URLs by subdomain, so all referral pages sending traffic from the same subdomain are considered internal links
      • Identify same site's URLs as referral pages belonging to the synced site in AC (we have to double check if this is still so when there are different domains for the same site)                           


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