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The custom style book is unavailable for page in Staging site



      Step to reproduce:

      1. Add a new site
      2. Enable Local Live
      3. Navigate to the Staging site
      4. Add a page based on Blank
      5. Add a Banner Center fragment to page
      6. Publish Page
      7. Design > Style Books
      8. Assert the following warning message is shown in Style Books admin:
        • The data of this portlet is not staged. Any data changes are immediately available to the Local Live site. The portlet's own workflow is still honored. Portlet setup is still managed from staging.
      9. Click plus button
      10. Type name and save
      11. Color System > Themecolors
      12. Type #00FF00 in Primary field
      13. Typography > Headings
      14. Type 2rem in H1 Font Size field
      15. Publish
      16. Assert the new style book is shown in Style Books admin
      17. Navigate to page in edit mode
      18. Click Page Design Options button from sidebar panel
      19. Style Books tab

      Expected Results:
      The new style book card should be shown.

      Actual Results:
      The new style book card is not shown.

      Note: Page Design Options > More Link > Look and Feel tab > Click Change Style Book
      The new style book is also not shown in popup.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.33 + MySQL 5.7. Portal master GIT ID: 9f5e2b1ec5b0c1ea32767b72710197dc50b5ed2a.


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