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As a content manager, I want to know how many SEO and accessibility related issues my page has


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      Content authors are concerned about their content to have the adequate visibility in search engines, so they can reach the right audiences. To ensure that a page is optimized for search engine indexing and visibility, it is necessary to check the page's compliance with best practices in terms of performance, accessibility, search engine metadata and SEO. Page audit test allows to make a quick check of that compliance and get warnings and tips to improve each one of the categories.

      Once the API Key is enabled, the Page Audit panel will show the detail of the issues in two sections: Accessibility and SEO Best Practices, and will provide access to the detail section.



      Technical Requirements

      • The call to the PageSpeed's API will be executed whenever the panel is opened or the user changes the locale from the panel and the cache has expired.
        • Cache should work for each lang-URL independently.
        • Cache expiration time will be configured from config (see LPS-125851)
      • Parameter for "strategy" (mobile /desktop) will be defined from settings.
      • A loader will show while retrieving the data.
      • There will be always a button to relaunch audit
      • There will be a field to show page's title and another one for the URL being audited (as in the content performance panel)
      • There will be a switch for changing language / URL requested
      • When the panel is opened while cache is still available for the default language, a message will be displayed: Showing data from Month Day Year Hour:Min AM/PM. Relaunch to update data.
      • There will be two collapsible sections: Accessibility and SEO. Sections will be closed by default, and will show the total count of issues to fix for that category. Only "fails" will be shown in the total count (that is, total count resulting from n fails per check).
      • When displaying sections, a list of checks and number of issues for each one will be show. Only those checks with failing elements retrieved will appear on the list. Clicking in the matching line will lead to the detail level. Titles for checks are specified in LPS-127668 and LPS-127672)
        • As we are retrieving failing elements up to 100 (see LPS-127668 and LPS-127672), when there are more than 100 the number will show +100
      • If there aren't any issues to fix, a message "Congratulations! Your page doesn’t have any Accessibility or SEO issues to fix." and an image will be shown along with the relaunch audit button (we will consider leading to the report of items succeed at further on).
      • Error handling will be tackled in LPS-128081

       Acceptance Criteria

      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the user opens it
      • Then the API is called for the default language URL, the loader shows and the results for the issues checked are retrieved

      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the user opens it and the cache for the default language URL hasn't expired 
      • Then the API is not called, and a message with the date and hour when last audit was run is shown

      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the user opens it and changes the language selected
      • Then the API is called for that URL, unless cached data exist for that URL


      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the user hits the relaunch audit button
      • Then the API is called for the URL selected in the lang switch

      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the user opens it
      • Then the title and URL of the page in the default language show

      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the user opens it and there are no failing elements retrieved for any of the checks
      • Then a message (Congratulations! ...) and the matching image show

      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the user opens it and issues are retrieved
      • Then only those checks with failing elements retrieved appear on the list

      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the API is called
      • Then the API is called having into account the "strategy" set in site - instance - system settings (mobile/desktop), and specific checks for mobile (tap targets and font sizes) are shown with an indicator when it is set to mobile

      • Given the Page Audit Panel 
      • When the failing elements retrieved for any of the checks are more than 100
      • Then the number of failing elements shows as +100


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