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As a marketer, I want to copy any experience's contents & layout to an existing one




      Experiences usage is usually linked with temporary needs that change frequently. In order to facilitate marketing teams to leverage the effort invested in building different experiences and to reuse experiences for building new ones, we want to make it easier to copy the entire experience (content, layout and configuration) to another one, be it the default or not.

      This way no effort will be wasted and work on a particular experience can be always sent to another one on the same page.



      Technical Requirements

      • There will be an option, both in the kebab menu and by hovering on a experience in the Select experience modal, for Copy to... action
      • When clicking on it, a new modal will display with a dropdown selector for the user to choose to which experience s/he wants to copy the current one
      • Offering options for selecting which aspects of the experience to copy:
        • Save fragment configuration
        • Save inline content
        • Save mapping configuration 

      is a nice to have feature and will depend on easiness of implementation. If finally they are available, they will all be checked by default.

      • A help text will show in the modal: When copying to another experience, contents and layout in the origin experience will be copied to the selected one and will overwrite the existing contents.
      • When user clicks "Save", a warning message appears in a modal:
        • You are about to copy the contents of this experience to another one which may already have contents. This action will overwrite the existing contents and cannot be reversed. Are you sure you want to continue? Cancel / Continue
        • A check with the message "Don't show this message again" will show too.
      • After the user hits Save, S/he will be lead to the target experience with the contents copied on it.
      • When the experience the user wants to copy has no fragments / widgets on it, a warning will show in the modal: The Experience you want to copy is empty.

      Acceptance Criteria


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