Please increase the maximum number of results returned by Asset publisher.

      It is currently set to 200 but would love to increase either across the site or per instance of the publisher. we have a UI design that groups the assets into months but there could be 50 or so per month and need to display all on one page without pagination.

      The "delta" is maxed out at 200 even if you manually set it to higher it will always return 1-200, we would love to return 1-1000 say based on the UI in the Asset publisher configuration.

      To provide some further context:

      We have a particular journal Content type for "communications" to our customers.

      Currently, we have one location where they can display them - this has been on a 200 at a time "pagination" through some 7000 records going back 6 years.

      We now want to display them in a tabbed interface by month (the date is a field in the structure not the create/modified date in Liferay). This will mean only say 40 max will be in each tab so much easier to read and locate items but for one years worth we may need to be showing say 400-500 items split between the tabs.

      With a hard limit we may get "cut off" and there is no real concept of pagination when doing this - we can "filter" by year so initially we would be fetching one year's worth at a time and maybe by subcategories as well.

      Or first use of the tabbed interface is showing our communication based on Coronavirus category, this is nearing 200 already in less than 6 months
      Although 200 is a reasonable amount for regular listing lengths it is unreasonable to have this as a hardcoded limit which cannot be extended through or other configuration methods.



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