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Provide a more user-friendly Freemarker Template error in the UI



      Currently when Liferay renders a Freemarker Template, errors during rendering is fully displayed on the page for all users to see. This does not provide a user-friendly experience, as only developers and admin users would understand what to do with this error. This ticket requests a new feature of Liferay presenting a more user-friendly error in the UI and display the full debug portion of the error in the logs or the browser console.

      Steps to reproduce:
      Setup the Structure
      1) Go to Content > Web Content > Structures
      3) Create a new structure called Error
      4) Add a text field to the Structure
      5) Add an image field to the Structure
      6) Save the Structure

      Setup the Template
      7) Go back to Content > Web Content
      8) Add a Web Content template and select the Structure to be Error
      9) On the left hand side of the editor see "Fields", click into the editor, and insert the "Text" and "Image" fields
      10) Save the template

      Reproducing the Error
      11) Go to Content Web > Content and edit the Error Structure
      12) Delete the image field from this strucure.
      13) Save the Structure
      14) Create a new Web Content based on the Error Structure
      15) Display the new Web Content on a page

      Current Behavior: The full template error, including the debug information, is displayed for all users, even for Guests.

      Desired End Goal: To have the full template error be displayed in the browser console or Liferay logs, and Liferay displays a more user-friendly message in the UI.




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