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As a Page Admin I want repetitive information to be ignored in Site Search results so that the page search experience is optimized




      Today widgets present on Content Pages are indexed uniquely when publishing a page. You can experience this, for example, by adding an Asset Publisher widget. The content of the Asset Publisher at publish time then becomes searchable, but the index does not get updated as Asset Published widget feed changes. This may also be the case for collections publish by the collection display fragments (to be tested and confirmed).

      This means permissioned contents on widgets (at time of publishing) are searchable, and the index will go stale when the content on a widget changes. Given that we're pushing customers toward Content Pages and are providing migration tools from Widget Pages, users may expect to have more up-to-date content displayed as they modify update the content more often.

      The second aspect and maybe the most important is that the current behaviour for the 7.3+ is to index the full page (including headers, footers), but the resulting behaviour of the site search is often perceived as a bug because the results show repetitive pages (example: "Sign in" info, "carousel", "Asset Publisher", etc.).

      A solution for the problems listed above is to allow a Page Creator to hide a fragment of a page to be hidden and not be indexed at publication time. 


      The goal of this Epic is to be able to hide fragments and included contents (or fragments in case of compositions) from site search results to optimize the search results. As the current behaviour may slow the launch of new site due to potential end users (in house testing) complaints.

      Discarded Requirements:

      1/ When a user belonging to a specific segmentation perform a search then the user should get results matching the content of its segmentation and not have access to others.

      2/ All experiences are sharing the same SEO and therefore when accessing a page from the external world it is not an issue.



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