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As a Page Creator I would like to search and select a page before linking it to editables or fragments




      Adding links to existing pages is a laborious activity that requires time while it should be intuitive and fast. This is mainly due to the unsupported capability to search for a page (or anchor) and get the page url (or anchor). It is also annoying that for the Navigation Menu portlet we are not allowing the users to define a target so that _blank, _parent etc. are supported.

      The goal of this story is to make the Link to page experience something simple across the site building activities so that a non expert could do do it without the help of a Technical user or knowledge of HTML/CSS.

      Given the user wants to create a link to a page (or an item display page)


      When the user has selected an editable / fragment that supports Links

      Then the user can search and select a page (layout) and create a link to that page (layout), 2 cases:

      • Link to page
      • Link to item display page


      Link to page

      When using the content selector for adding a Link to a Page

      Then the user should get access to the following (both private / public pages):

       NOTE: We will reuse existing Search Page component used for "Navigation Menus" and add it to others present (like Documents, etc.)


      Figma Mockup




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