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As Page Creator I want to browse the contents present on a Page so that I can get accurate information about what is on the page and edit it using the adequate editor



      Intro / Context:

      Today contents of different nature are added or mapped on a page. This content could be data from different types of assets: web content articles, documents and media, etc. Keeping track of all those page elements can be a tedious task for the content author or page creator and accessing often requires extra efforts to the Content Author to look for the appropriate content using the product menu. The Content panel present on the Page Editor that shows the content used on the page is a very useful tool, but it is necessary to make it evolve to guide the users and improve the content editing experience.

      The goal of this Epic is to allow the page creator have a complete control of the content used in the page and be able to edit the content easily. This epic is essential for increasing the adoption and usage of content pages.

      Main functions:

      • Ability to visualize and browse content from the Page Elements, Page Content tabs
      • Ability to have quick access to content editing (or add new content - for widgets)

      Content Author: the person adding appropriate content to a page using the Content Editing mode only.


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