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Changes to test-util module have no effect



      Step to reproduce:

      1. Prepare a build-able portal source
      2. Make sure to remove com.liferay.exportimport.test.util.jar from both osgi/test and osgi/modules
      3. Go under export-import/export-import-test-util, and run gradlew deploy
      4. Notice in osgi/test, there is com.liferay.exportimport.test.util.jar generated, but not in osgi/modules
      5. Go under export-import/export-import-test, and run gradlew testIntegration --tests com.liferay.exportimport.test.DummyFolderExportImportTest
      6. Notice it will fail because unresolved module of export-import-test-util, and console will report export-import-test-util is installed after few seconds
      7. run gradlew testIntegration --tests com.liferay.exportimport.test.DummyFolderExportImportTest again
      8. Notice it will pass all tests
      9. In the class file of DummyFolderPortletDataHandler, replace the last statement of return null; with throw new IllegalArgumentException(), in method of doImportData()
      10. Repeat step 3
      11. Notice in osgi/test, a new jar of com.liferay.exportimport.test.util.jar is generated, but the one in osgi/modules is still the old one.
      12. Repeat step 4
      13. Notice all tests still pass

      The build.gradle file in export-import/export-import-test-util says, the jar will be deployed to osgi/test

      Ideally, one of these should happen:

      1. Portal picks up test-util jar from osgi/test
      2. The gradlew deploy should also make a copy to osgi/modules
      3. gradlew testIntegration should copy test-util jar from osgi/test to osgi/modules everytime if there is a diffrence.




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