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Validate usefulness of non-interactive OAuth 2 code grant through trusted apps & SAML SSO with isPassive=true



      From the SAML 2.0 Core spec.

      IsPassive [Optional] A Boolean value. If "true", the identity provider and the user agent itself MUST NOT visibly take control of the user interface from the requester and interact with the presenter in a noticeable fashion. If a value is not provided, the default is "false".

      It is envisaged that a Liferay OAuth2 provider connected to a SAML IDP for user authentication when handling an Authorization Code grant, could use this parameter. It would guarantee that the OAuth 2 client will get a machine readable success/error response.

      If at the same time we would introduce a similar parameter for the OAuth 2 code grant flow itself, to prevent a prompt (i.e. HTML response) for user authorization, the entire flow could complete in a non-interactive fashion. Just as a series of HTTP redirects, resulting in a final response containing the OAuth 2 authorization code.

      We have previously discussed this as "trusted applications". For example a JavaScript / React app running on a different domain/server to the Liferay OAuth 2 provider, but still owned by a single legal entity (and likely in the same network).


      • This proposal assumes the use/support of the SAML redirect binding.
      • The client app uses the same IDP for user authentication (but it could use a different SSO protocol than SAML, that better suits the clients capabilities. Possibly OpenIdConnect, though Liferay is currently not a OIDC provider).
      • The non-interactive OAuth 2 Authorization Code Grant flow must have sufficient CSRF protection


      Please, see comment bellow with a first analysis approach


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