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As a Page Admin I would like a simplified UX for public/private pages so that the 2 concepts are more intelligible to users (3)




      Private pages of an organization site was introduced to be viewable by site members and members of the organization. The concept of public and private pages is very unique to Liferay, as a result new users must learn about it and often causes confusion to them. Public and private pages on the permissions for new content causes confusion to users and is frequently reported via Support and issues.liferay.com as a bug. 

      Our proposal for 7.4 is to replace the current differentiation between public and private pages with alternative solutions for the large majority of use cases for which they are used that provide:

      • Better usability
      • More flexibility
      • Easier maintainability and evolvability

      The following features are being proposed as an alternative solution to the use cases that the public/private pages differentiation provided, to help with the transition or to provide additional capabilities and motivation for users to learn the new way.

      Possible features (MVP)

      phase 1: Change the GUI to merge the solutions

      • prio1: Change the GUI toward a folder structure
        • By Add a folder for private pages
        • Change "Public Page" to simply "Pages" in all places where wording applies
          • Keep wording "private pages" for private pages
      • prio1: Change Private/Page Page configuration
        • By moving the access to page configuration to "Theme" in the page sidebar in page edition mode
        • By adding a site configuration for Private Pages Folder
          • to enable/disable Private Pages 

      phase 2: Add required functions to Pages so that Private Pages can be substituted completely

      Final phase: Clean the APIs

      Additional desirable features

      • More clearly display the “Visibility” configuration of pages and content (FR LPS-105742)
      • This must take into account restrictions in parent pages or folders.
      • Ability to add a Subtree to a navigation menu
      • DISCARDED: Add microsite for Profile and My DashBoard


      • See proposal B (Proposition doc )
      • All pbs related to public pages (See problems doc )


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