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Calendar agenda view confusing when events are months apart


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      Continued from .. LPS-68451


      Can there be a plus one icon or label ... "+1 mnth" next to the October "Friday" date here in the screenshot. It's common in the airline industry when booking a flight that had a landing time in a different day to either have a plus one or minus one to indicate that the flight has spanned a day.


      There is a Thursday in September which is then followed by a Friday in October. When you look at it you think these events must be in the same week, one is on the Thursday one is on the Friday but these events are weeks apart. There's no event between which is important to note.

      Either the October event shouldn't be showing as the Agenda view is looking at September OR there should be a +1 icon next to the "Friday" label to indicate that it's not an event that is part of this week.

      The events appear to be part of the same week. The Friday event is not occurring on the 16th of September.



      Additionally from LPS68451:
      Expected result: all events in 31 days ahead should be visible in the Agenda view

      This is really confusing to the end user as there is no indication in the UI that the agenda is looking 31 days ahead. If that's the case there really should be a label to let them know about events that are in the next month from the current month. Additionally there should be an option to limit the agenda view days ahead to the current month as the expected behavior from the users perspective is "This months agenda".

      Changing the "number of days ahead" doesn't make this problem go away and that option to change how many days ahead the agenda looks should not be in the hands of a site admin only; it should be allowable by the end user too, the site visitor should also be able to change the number of days ahead, it's broken by design.


      I think there is a mismatch here in how engineers view the product and how users use the product and would advocate for a team at Liferay to focus on how users experience Liferay. It's nice that it goes 31 days ahead but I doubt users would have requested that, I think they would want to see a one day / one week / bi-weekly / whole month view in agenda view.




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