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Portlet is temporary unavailable - Sharepoint Connection


    Reproduction Steps (Liferay DXP 7.2 with fixpack-5)

    0. Download and deploy the Liferay REST Connector to SharePoint 3.0.lpkg

    1. Configured HTTPs (https://localhost:8443) on Tomcat (referred to the document Setting Up HTTPs on Tomcat)
    2. Configured a Sharepoint repository in Configuration → System Settings → Collaboration → _Sharepoint OAuth2. For the details, please refer to the attached screenshot "SharepointOAuth2".
    3. Adding a Sharepoint repository in Document & Media. For details, please refer to the attached screenshot "SharepointRepository"

    4. Go to https://localhost:8443, login as Admin user (Test Test)

    5. Login the Sharepoint.
    6. Go to Content & Data > Documents and Media, click the Sharepoint folder.

    Expected Behavior: The Sharepoint repository can be accessed without any problem.

    Actual Behavior:

    • On the first day, after restarting the server, clicking the Sharepoint folder, the Sharepoint repository can be accessed.
    • On the second/next day (without changing anything), after clicking the Sharepoint folder, the Sharepoint repository can NOT be accessed and got an error message on UI "Portlet is temporarily unavailable", meanwhile, the attached error can be observed in the log. Please refer to the attached screenshot "Capture 1" & "Capture 2"

    For your easy reference, please refer to the customer's bundle according to https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Zfj8OJMy_pKIICiNGuhZnY6iKXPANNMj?usp=sharing

    Notes: You may need to remove the portal-set-up-wizard.properties first and restart the server.

    Reproduced on

    7.2.X: 787deaf9307e32f4c6d5feb9f0111227851a0efe

    Master: fcffc8af664fd67a6f1fd01a460824265f35349a

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