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Old Web Content title displayed in Web Content ddm field after change



      Steps to reproduce:
      0. Use a vanilla with the latest fix pack.
      1. Go in the Web Content section of the Site Administration Manager
      2. Create a new Structure and call it TEST
      3. Create a Web Content Field with name TEST and label TEST
      4. Save the Structure
      5. Create a Template and call it TEST
      6. Select TEST in the Structure Field
      7. In the text area of the freemarker code delete the default content
      8. In the left panel click on TEST below the FIELDS section filling the freemarker text area with:

      webContentData = jsonFactoryUtil.createJSONObject(TEST.getData())
      <a href="${TEST.getFriendlyUrl()}">

      9. Save the Template
      10. Create a new empty web content with the Basic Web Content Structure, call it TEST1 and save.
      11. Create a new web content with the Structure TEST and call it TEST
      12. In the field TEST select the web content TEST1 and save
      13. Insert an asset publisher in the /home page
      14. You should see the two web contents just created in the asset publisher
      15. Change the title of the Web Content from TEST1 to TEST2 and save
      16. Open the managing page of the Web Content TEST (you will see TEST1 in the field TEST) and just publish.
      17. Refresh the /home page and you will see the TEST2 title in the card of the Web Content TEST, in the Asset Publisher

      Result: If opening the managing page of the Web Content TEST, in the field TEST, you will see TEST1 instead of TEST2.

      Please check the video that I added.

      Also tested:

      [email protected] commit (92f09605da8297d52c76d7311281312bda6ce407) replicated

      master @ commit (2d2e8ae74e9e7b33a07328277da64f54db576a04) couldn't start the server properly.

      If you have any questions please let me know.

      Best regards,




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              2 years, 8 weeks ago


                Version Package
                7.2.10 DXP FP14
       DXP SP5
                7.3.10 DXP FP1
       DXP SP1
                7.3.6 CE GA7
                7.4.13 DXP GA1