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Misleading error 'Please provide a valid name' to be eliminated



      I am opening this Feature Request ticket on behalf of Andrés Rodríguez, based on a previously discussed case in Help Center.

      The request is to eliminate misleading error message 'Please provide a valid name' and only leave 'Your request failed to complete.' in the following scenario, for the sake of being more understandable and user friendly.



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Start up a DXP 7.0 and log in as admin
      2. Make sure the portal has a default language set to English (United States) at the Control Panel / Instance settings / Miscellaneous tab
      3. At Content / Web Content / Structure section, create a new structure with only adding a title and an input field (for example select) in View mode. Observe the default language in the source is automatically set to "en_US"
      4. Copy the source of the structure and save it for later use
      5. At Control Panel / Instance settings / Miscellaneous tab, change the default language to German
      6. Go back to Web Content's Structure section and create a new structure by pasting the previously copied source (containing "en_US") - don't forget to completely replace any existing code during paste 
      7. Attempt saving the structure 


      Actual behavior:

      As a result, actually two error messages appear:
      1) 'Your request failed to complete.'
      2) 'Please enter a valid name.' (which is considered as misleading in the above use case)

      See error_message.png for reference.




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