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Portlet using Spring + JPA fails to deploy in 6.0.5 under Tomcat. Use to deploy in 6.0.2.



      I have multiple portlets which I have built against LR 6.0.2. Every portlet uses Spring + JPA. This requires a META-INF/context.xml file to be defined for each WAR so that spring will load properly. Without this change, the portlet will fail to load due to a load time weaver. In addition, the spring instrument loader for tomcat must be installed.

      After downloading LR 6.0.5, I made the required changes for Tomcat to work and then attempted to deploy my portlets. They failed to deploy with an error about the tomcat weaver which is consistent with not reading the context.xml file that was deployed. The same exact portlets I can deploy just fine in LR 6.0.2 without any recompiling.

      After running a diff of the two tomcat/conf directories (LR 6.0.2 vs LR 6.0.5), I found one difference. LR 6.0.5 server.xml file includes an extra attribute (deployXML="false") on the Host tag. After removing the new attribute (to match LR 6.0.2 configuration), my exact same WAR files can now deploy.

      I have also documented this on the forums at




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