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Changeset cleanup does not need to occur in non-staged environments



      Please note this issue does not affect master due to the inclusion of LPS-102225.  The solution will be to partially backport LPS-102225, specifically this commit.

      When adding/updating/removing a Journal Article, the JournalArticleStagingModelListener class executes  changeset collection updates as needed.  However, in non-staged environments, these changeset collection modifications are not needed, thus all the methods eventually exit without making any changes.

      With the inclusion of LPS-102225 in master, we exit the model listener methods early, saving time and performance costs.  In some customer examples, the retrieval of JournalArticleResourceArticles may take a long time to due the amount of resources.  However, if this occurs in a non-staged environment, this is a complete waste of resources, since the method will eventually exit without performing any changes.

      LPS-102225 should not be fully backported because it is a story ticket, however the performance boost gained in one of the commits should be.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. create a Journal Article
      2. Update the article 1000+ times, noting the time it takes to update each time.

      Expected: the first update takes as long as the last update

      Actual: The last update takes about 10x longer, because each previous version is iterated through

      Reproduced on 72x


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