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Enable themes to be hidden from view for Site Admins



      We have a client that is requesting additional theme functionality to be added to Liferay 7.2 DXP. They are requesting for the ability to hide the Classic Theme from Site Admin view, but for the Theme to still remain viewable for the Primary Administrator. Essentially, this user is requesting for the [Change Current Theme] selection in [Public Pages Configure > Look and Feel] to have adjustable viewership privileges. 

      End Goal:

      • Hide particular themes within the Site Builder in order to prevent Site Admins from accidentally changing the theme of their sites. This Admin would like to administer control over who can view the Theme selection, such that the Classic Theme is not visible to Site Admins.

      Current Temporary Solution:

      • This user has enabled custom CSS within their DXP to hide the Classic Theme from view, but it results in the Theme thumbnail "flashing" for a moment, which is not desirable.
      • This user, who is the primary Administrator, wants to keep the Classic Theme active for the purpose of troubleshooting their CSS within Liferay in order to determine if it ever causes future issues. However, they only want themselves to be able to view the Classic Theme.

      Research that I have conducted:

      • I have searched through the various "Front-End Development" sections of the Liferay DXP 7.2 Frameworks here: Making Configurable Theme Settings, and found an open LPS ticket here: LPS-42892: Have ability to hide themes in portal administration that is still open.

      This feature request aligns with LPS-42892, so this is not the first time this feature has been requested. 




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