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      Product QA | Test Validation - Round 1


      - PASS
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      - FAIL

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      Test Cases

      Case 1
      When add a link to fragment, the self target is defined by default.

      1. Add a new site
      2. Add a display page template with Web Content Article and Basic Web Content
      3. Add a Display Page Content to display page template
      4. Add a web content article and select the display page template
      5. Add a page based on Blank
      6. Add a Container element to page
      7. Add a Card fragment into the Container
      8. Click the body of Container
      9. Link tab
      10. Select From Content Field in Link field
      11. Select the web content article
      12. Select Display Page URL in Field field
      13. Publish the page
      14. Navigate to page in view mode
      15. Click the Container
      16. Assert the page redirects to the display page template where the content is shown

      Case 2
      When add a link to fragment, the blank target is set up after checking Open in a new tab.

      1. Add a new site
      2. Add a page based on Blank
      3. Add a Banner Center fragment to page
      4. Click the Go Somewhere editable field
      5. Link tab
      6. Select Manual in Link field
      7. Type in URL field
      8. Check the Open in a new tab
      9. Publish the page
      10. Navigate to page in view mode
      11. Click the Go Somewhere
      12. Assert opened in a new tab




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