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IE8 uses 100% cpu and increases RAM tremendously with every new page


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 6.0.5 GA
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      IE8 XP and Vista, against several different versions of liferay and app servers


      When using IE8 and hitting liferay (tomcat bundle no mods except adding a couple pages) we see significant cpu usage (100% of a core) and a page loads take (and do not release) an amazing amount of RAM.

      A page we have created with 2 portlets (recent bloggers, and blogs), consumes about 35MB every time we hit the page. The wiki page takes about 10MB. You can switch back and forth between these and watch the memory usage sky rocket.

      The memory and CPU usage occur after the page has rendered (and it could therefore probably be assumed that the YUI3 ready() functionality is running.

      At 10-35MB per click we got the IE memory usage above 1GB in probably about 5 minutes of usage.

      I will work on posting back with some screen shots, but the method of testing this was pretty straight forward:

      1) new bundle
      2) login as test
      3) add page and add a wiki
      4) add page and add blog and recent bloggers
      5) pull up the performance monitor
      6) click on the page heading to switch pages
      7) wait and carefully watch that the cpu usage and memory jumps significantly after the page is fully rendered
      8) repeat 6 and 7 alternating between pages.

      With 6.0.5, the memory increase appears to be around 10MB per click. It goes up more than this but comes back down, but on average every click of a tab adds another 10MB to the browser's memory foot print.

      We are working with the Windows team here to make sure it is nothing they have done to the windows boxes. The strangest characteristic of this bug is that IE is not releasing this memory when the page is exited and a new one is loaded.




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