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Show the list of traffic channels when there's a connection or an endpoint error


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      Currently, when there's an unexpected error when calling AC, a message is showing in the content performance panel, and the list of traffic channels is not showing.

      Now we want to show that list with value "-" in the ase of a complete failure in the call or just when the traffic channels endpoint is not available.

      Technical Requirements

      • When there is a timeout/error in all the API's responses, or an unexpected error or no valid connection with AC, then the panel shows the message: "An unexpected error occurred". All values in the different sections (total views, total reads, historical views, historical reads and the list of traffic channels) will be displayed with a dash ("-"). 
      • When there is a timeout/error in the traffic channels API response, the panel shows the message: "Some data is temporarily unavailable”, and __ the list of traffic channels is displayed with a dash ("-"). 
      • In both cases, the placeholder graph will show instead of the traffic channels chart, and the message "Your page has no incoming traffic from traffic channels yet" won't be shown.


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