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Allow previously existing assets in a site to be published after a remote connection is established


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      Currently, assets in a site can only be published to remote live if they are added after the remote connection is made. This means that existing assets in the site are essentially unusable for staging purposes and could mean a lot of hassle for a user who unknowingly went with an alternative flow.


      Some UX issues this causes:

      1. Imagine that some admin uploaded hundreds of documents before enabling the remote connection. After he enables remote staging and finds out the "correct" flow is not what he followed, he will have to reupload all these documents again in order to publish them to live
      2. There is no clear way to distinguish which assets existed before or after remote staging is enabled. Following the scenario above, the user will essentially see two copies of each document on the staged environment without there being any indicator as to which one staging is being applied to. Without there being any kind of visual marker this makes it difficult to manage assets for publication purposes. The question "why didn't everything publish from staging?" also comes to mind

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a new site with some assets
      2. Enable remote staging connection
      3. Publish the site

      Expected result:
      All assets are published.

      Actual result:
      None are published.

      This problem should be solved if previously existing assets can be published to remote live. If we are not going to change this behavior then I would suggest:
      1. Adding a warning about this in the remote staging configuration screen
      2. Adding some info message in the staged remote environment about this, and/or
      3. Add some visual marker to assets in staging that cannot be published to live


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