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Web content creation with image upload keeps failing after validation failed once



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Log in as administrator
      2. Go to Categorization -> Categories
      3. Create a new vocabulary
      4. Click on Associated Asset Types and make the vocabulary required
      5. In that new vocabulary create a Category
      6. Go co Content & Data -> Web content -> Structure
      7. Create a Structure with an Image field in it and save it
      8. Create a new Web content with this structure
      9. Upload an image through the Web Content Images tab
      10. Do not set the category and click Save as draft or publish
      11. It will throw an error which is fair. The required field is not filled in.
      12. Set the category and try to publish it or save it as draft

      Actual behavior: You will get an error and you are unable to save the web content.
      Expected behavior: The web content is successfully saved.

      Additional info:

      • If the category is filled at the first save attempt, it will work fine.
      • If you re-upload the image after the failed validation, it also works.
      • It's only an issue with an image field. Documents and Media is fine.
      • It's only an issue if you upload an image through the Web Content Images tab. If you select something from the Documents and Media tab it works as expected.
      • A FileNotFoundException is thrown in JournalArticleLocalServiceImpl.addImageFileEntries(..). It's possible that the file is deleted after the failed category validation. See: stack_trace_LPS-123384.txt


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                  Version Package
                  7.2.10 DXP FP10
         DXP SP4
                  7.3.10 DXP FP1
         DXP SP1
                  7.3.6 CE GA7
                  7.4.13 DXP GA1