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Scheduled Web Content Update with category - Not getting published to staging



      Reproduction Steps:

      1.  Set up a DXP 7.1 with the latest fix pack and start it.
      2.  Go to Control Panel --> Sites --> Sites and create a blank site and copy its ID.
      3.  Go to the site builder Create a public home page
      4.  Add an asset publisher and configure it to show categories
      5. Under Control Panel go to --> Configuration --> System Settings --> Web Content and select Web Content then scroll down to "Check Interval" and set the value to 1
      6. Under staging turn on local staging
      7. go to Categorization and create Vocabulary and add to it 2 categories (Cat1 and Cat2).
      8.  Go to Content and Data --> Web Content and create basic web content and add a category to it (Cat1), then schedule the content to be published in the future (few minutes) and publish.
      9. Go to staged Site and Publish to Live, Now you will see that after publishing to Live both web contents are Scheduled on Staged and Live site.
      10. When the web content publication is approved check the web content on both the Staging and Live Site on the asset publisher.

      Checkpoint: You will see that the Cat1 in the category is also published from the Staged to the Live Site.

      1. Go to Staged Site and edit the web content by adding the other category (I removed Cat1 and added Cat2), then schedule it again to be published after a few minutes.
      2. Go to Staged Site and Publish to Live.
      3. Once the scheduled web contents are approved check the content on both Sites. on the asset publisher

      Actual Result: The category of the Web Content on the Live Site has not been updated to (Cat2).

      Expected Result: Updated categories from the Staged scheduled content should be published successfully to the web content on the Live Site.




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