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As a Marketer I want to allow users to concentrate on a particular amount of content by limiting the number of content per page




      Sometimes we need to get lists of data from the server, and sometimes these lists can be really long. Breaking lists up into smaller, discreet "pages" can reduce server overhead and improve response time as well as the user experience that will be able to decide to see or not the content of the next page.


      The goal of this story is to propose a pagination configuration options for the Collection Display fragment as a solution to the above need. 

      Page Creator 

      - This part should be reviewed with Juan

      Given the page creator wants to place a Pagination on the Collection Display Fragment


      When the page creator accesses the Collection Display fragment configuration

      Then the page creator can :

      • enable the pagination on the Collection 


      When the Page creator wants to configure the nb of items per page

      Then the Page Creator can:

      • select the number of items by page to be shown (by default 5 items)


      Page User


      When the User accesses to the Pagination elements on the page

      Then the User can navigate through the pages using NEXT / PREVIOUS page buttons


      When the User accesses to the Pagination elements on the page

      Then the User can enter a page number and be directed to the selected page


      When the User looks at the pagination elements on the bottom of the Collection

      Then the User can access the first 5 pages and the last one with direct link to page.


      Figma Mockup 




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