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Latest published version of a web content article is not displayed



      Live environment does not display the latest published content after reverting back to a previous version. This occurs for both local staging and remote staging. Upon examination, this issue is caused by LPS-121293. This issue is not reproducible on master and 7.3.x.

      Reproduction Steps

      1. Create a new site.
      2. In the new site, set up local staging.
      3. Go to Site Administration > Content & Data > Web Content and create a new Basic Web Content.
      4. Edit the web content article until there are 3 versions of it (latest being 1.2).
      5. Go to Site Builder and create a widget page.
      6. Add a Web Content Display widget to the widget page and configure it to display the web content article created in Step 3.
      7. Publish the widget page to Live.
      8. Go to Live and confirm the latest version of the web content is shown.
      9. Go back to Staging and navigate to Site Administration > Content & Data > Web Content.
      10. Click on "View History" for the web content article
      11. For version 1.2, click the "Expire" option.
      12. The staging page should now display version 1.1 instead of 1.2 (since it was expired).
      13. Publish the widget page again to Live.
      14. Check Live.

      Actual result:
      Live does not display the latest version of the web content. Instead, it displays the expiration message.

      Expected result:
      Live displays the latest published version of the web content (1.1).

      Reproduced On

      • 7.2.x (6ac367d6de0b4585)
      • 7.1.x (d3a6b569c84e989f)
      • 7.0.x (243ecd70c878931d)

       Not Reproduced On

      • 7.3.x (139f4f6dedea0376)
      • master (e4bdd4a188b4ba71)


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                  Version Package
                  7.2.10 DXP FP17
         DXP SP6
         CE GA5
                  7.4.13 DXP U1
         CE GA6
                  7.4.13 DXP U2
         CE GA7
                  7.4.13 DXP U3