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Prototype a technical solution to support flexible relationships between items of different types



      A common need across many enterprise solutions is the ability to define and retrieve relationships between items of the same or different types. These relationships can be of several types:

      • Manually determined by a person or automatically generated
      • Static or dynamic (changes over time)
      • Sorted or unsorted
      • Bi-directional or uni-directional
      • Single valued or Multi-valued
      • Single-scope or multi-scope (i.e. link to items in a different scope

      Some examples of useful relationships that have been found useful when building Liferay applications and solutions are:

      1. Blog Entry -  next suggested blog entries: manually picked blog entries that the reader may want to continue with after finishing the current entry. Characteristics: Sorted, Multi-valued.
      2. Blog Entry - entries about the same topic: automatically picked based on the categories or tags of the current entry. Characteristics: Unsorted, Multi-valued.
      3. Product - Descriptive web content: manually picked web content that help describe the product. Characteristics: Sorted, multi-valued.
      4. Product - Documents: manually picked documents that a product buyer may want to have access too. Characteristics: Unsorted, multi-valued.
      5. Category - Web Content: which can be used in a Category Display Page
      6. Category - Image Document: which can be used in a Category Display Page

      The goal of this ticket is to analyze the different needs and prototype a technical solution to support a way to define relationships that can facilitate reuse when creating Liferay applications and solutions. This technical solution must be integrated with Liferay's page builder to allow non-technical users to leverage relationships to display items related to any given item.




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