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As a Page Creator I would like to be able to display items related to one specific item




      A common need across many enterprise solutions is the ability to display a list of items related to another specific items. Some examples of this are:

      1. Blog Entry -  suggested blog entries: manually picked blog entries that the reader may want to continue with after finishing the current entry. Characteristics: Sorted, Multi-valued.
      2. Blog Entry - entries about the same topic: automatically picked based on the categories or tags of the current entry. Characteristics: Unsorted, Multi-valued.
      3. Product - related web content: manually picked web content that help describe the product. Characteristics: Sorted, multi-valued.
      4. Product - Documents: manually picked documents that a product buyer may want to have access too. Characteristics: Unsorted, multi-valued.
      5. Category - Web Content: which can be used in a Category Display Page
      6. Category - Image Document: which can be used in a Category Display Page

      It is worth highlighting that the items are not always necessarily content. Also, the related items are not necessarily of the same type as the item they are related to. Finally, it's worth highlighting that the related items might not be in the same scope (i.e. site) as the item they are related to, or even be entities within Liferay (i.e. they could be information items obtained from another system).

      The goal of this Epic is to provide a set of improvements that allow page creators to display items related to a "current one" potentially choosing among several possible relation types. A framework will be provided allowing developers to define relationship types, or more precisely, providers of items for a specific type of relation. Several of these providers will also be provided to create relationships as well as display items following the relationships. Solution developers should be able to define custom relationship types.




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