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Bundle modules' versions differ from BOM


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      I am currently migrating to use Liferay' BOMs, coming from spring dependency management.

      I noticed that if one is checking the pom files, they would see that modules that are installed in the following directories present a minor difference from the BOM.

      • /tomcat/lib/ext
      • /tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib

      Example: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/liferay/portal/release.portal.bom/7.3.1/release.portal.bom-7.3.1.pom

      Normally, 0.0.1 is the difference, but it makes me wonder why to use the patch part of the version in the pom file if the difference is not important...

      It also makes me think why all other modules are correctly presented in the same listing. Maybe this 0.0.1 difference is just for 7.3 ga2, and others might have bigger differences.

      It seems like we can get a way with ugly "compileOnly" dependencies. Maybe I am wrong, but most are not compile only type dependencies, not at all. This is a pretty ugly usage if the intent is just to relax some rules for an OSGi runtime. CompileOnly does not map to "provided" in maven, and it seems it is being used in the same way...

      Anyway, the pom files are not aligned with the bundles.




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