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As a Marketer I want to allow users to filter the results of a dynamic collection using vocabularies and/or categories




      With the recent implementation of Collection Display fragment we can append a collection to a page. However the collection might need to be filtered in order to propose more relevant content to the end user.Example : A user looking at a list of testimonies might filter by industry (insurance, banking, government etc.)

      The goal of this story is to allow Marketers to provide a way for the end users to filter the content of a collection using Vocabularies and/or Categories.

      Given a Marketer has created a collection page based on a dynamic collection


      When the Marketer uses a "Collection filter" fragment

      Then the Marketer editing the fragment can:

      • select the categories that a user could use (by selecting the parent vocabulary or category)
        • IMP: The mockups need to use pattern used for menu display.
      • and configure if an end user could select 1 or multiple categories for the same search/filtering using Single or Multiple Editor.

       Single selector:


      Multiple selector (Could be moved to other story if too big):

      When the user has selected 1 or multiple categories

      Then the selected categories should appear as selected so that to give a visual feedback of what the Collection is currently filtering.


      Below: Acceptance criteria common to all fragments in Epics !

      As a Marketer I want to allow external users to search through the collection pages based on a dynamic collection using combination of criteria from different filters.


      When the user is selecting multiple criteria from filters

      • categories (1 or multiple selection)
      • dates (1 selection)
      • ordering (1 selection)
      • text (1 selection)


      • The collection items should be filtered by all matching filters criteria
      • The number of results found should appear in the summary result section (if added to the page)


      When selecting 1 or multiple filters criteria and no result is found

      Then show a message in the result fragment:

      • "No result found, please discard one or multiple criteria"



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