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Improve usability of User Membership Sites pop-up, sites with unchecked "Allow Manual Membership Management" can't be removed or not listed in selection pop-up, confusing user



      1. Navigate to Control Panel > Sites > Create New Site > Select Blank Site template > Name it "Site Membership"
      2. Go back to Control Panel > Users and Organizations > Select current user > Go to Memberships tab > click "Select" button next to SITES tab
      3. In the pop-up you should see the new site created, select it 
      4. Once selected go on Site Menu of "Site Membership"  > Configuration > Site Settings > Details Tab > Uncheck "Allow Manual Membership Management" option > Save
      5. Go back to Control Panel > Users and Organizations > Select current user > Go to Memberships tab > See the button delete being remove for this site 
      6. Click "Select" button next to SITES tab and this site is not being displayed any more in the pop-up 

        My proposal is to show this sites but with Read Only (grey colour) and a tooltip that explains why they are not able to select this site. Same with the button remove in Memberships tab if uncheck "Allow Manual Membership Management" option the button should be displayed and disabled with a tooltip that explains why the user is not able to remove it

        Right now the sites with uncheck "Allow Manual Membership Management" option have the button "Remove" eliminated, also not being displayed in the pop-up, without any user notification or explication.



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