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Web content structure Select field: always the default value is shown when adding a new web content translation



      When using a web content structure with a Select field with a predefined (aka default) value, and adding translations to a web content where for the default language we already chose another value in that field, the new translations are always opened with the default option in the field, not with the option chosen for the default version (language) of that web content.
      This didn't use to be like that with 6.2. There it was working as expected: the option chosen for the default language was taken into consideration.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a new web content structure "my structure" and place a Select field on it.
      2. Configure the field: in the Predefined Value section, choose option 2. Save the structure.
      3. Edit the structure, give it a French title "ma structure", and click Add Translation and choose French.
      4. Rename the three options to "option un", "option deux", "option trois". Save.
      5. In the Predefined Value, choose "option deux". Save.
      6. Create a dummy template for the structure.
      7. Start creating a new web content from this structure: "my content".
      8. In the select field choose 'option 1'. Publish.
      9. Edit the web content article: in the language switcher above the select field, choose French.
      Result: the selected option changes to "option deux" (because that is defined as the default option)
      Expected: the selected option should be "option un" (because this corresponds to the "option 1" saved from the English version of the web content). And this is how it worked in 6.2.




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