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Page Asset Categories are lost on publish to Live



      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Setup 2 Liferay DXP 7.2 bundles, use an external DB database, such as MySQL 5.7
      2. Set up Remote Staging
        Publishing→Staging→Remote Live→enter the host, the ID from
      3. Add a vocabulary TestVocabulary
        Categorization→Categories→+ sign→fill in the name
      4. Set it for pages
        Associated Asset Types→Choose Asset Type→Page→Save
      5. Add a category Father
        + sign→enter the name→Save
      6. Add a subcategory to it Son
        3 dots→Add Subcategory→enter the name→Save
      7. Enter some properties for Father and Son categories
        3 dots menu next to Father→Edit→Properties→enter a for Key and also for Value→Save
        repeat these for the Son→enter b for the Key/Value
      8. Add 2 basic web content articles: A and B
        enter A or B for both the title and the content
      9. Add a new public page Page A and Page B
      10. Configure the page and for Page A, set Father for the TestVocabulary field at the SEOSon for Page B→Save
      11. Place web content A on Page A by dragging the web content onto the page or using a Web Content Display portlet→Publish
      12. Repeat the previous step but with web content B and Page B
      13. Add a new public page Page B
      14. Click on Publish to Live
      15. Checkpoint: search for the categeroies on the live site under the site builder pages you can see the categories added to the pages
      16. Go to Publishing→Staging→+ sign
      17. Under Pages to Publish select only Page A and Page B
      18. Under PERMISSIONS check Publish Permissions
      19. Click on Publish to Remove Live
      20. On the remote site, search for the categeroies under the site builder pages

       Expected Behavior
      The categories are still there when the 2 pages are published.

       Actual Behavior
      The categories are not found on the live site.




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