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As a Page Admin I would like Site Pages variations to be enabled for content pages




      Content Pages were introduced in version 7.1 and heavily improved during the following versions using fragments/widgets, inline content with the ability to displaying pre-existing contents like: web content, documents, blogs, etc. Content Pages were designed to work with local and remote staging but are not compatible with Page Variations feature of Staging (called Page Versioning) for the following reasons (see LPS-82798):

      • Page Variations was assessed to be expensive (weeks to months) to implement
      • 2 new features were overlapping the needs of Page Versioning using staging:
        • Personalized Experiences implementing during 7.2
          • creating multiple versions (1 to 10)of a page for targeted segments
        • Publications during implemented during 7.3
          • creating a set of changes (100 to 1000s) with version control for site major changes
      • Staging was agreed to be deprecated for multiple other reasons.

      A UI bug (LPS-120839) were the staging bar included options to create Page Variations within content pages, and official "fundamentals" course covered Staging and Page Variations in the training material, although it was supposed to...

      The goal of this Epic is to solve this situation by providing a path aligned with the product roadmap to allow current page variation users to have a feature that permit to cover the page variation main use cases of :

      1. Allowing page admins (around 10-15 to give a number) to work simultaneously on the same page that will be released at different dates.
      2. Enable / Disable Page variations when staging is enabled
      3. Allow creating a "Page Set Variations" which support addition/deletion of pages that can affect a "Page Set variation" but not the other pages


      The solution will consist in preserving the Page Variation management GUI experience but leveraging the Content Pages Experiences.

      For this several stories:

      • As a content publisher I would like to be able to Enable / Disable Page variations when staging is enabled
        • Maybe already covered.
      • As a content publisher I would like to access the staging bar in view mode so that I can choose the "site pages variation" set to edit.
        • The 3 dots menu will have the "Site Pages Variations" option, but will not have the "Page Variations" option or the "History" option
        • The "Ready for publish process" will not be shown
      • As a content publisher I would like to use experiences to create page variations
        • Multiple variations should be supported (for the same segment, incl. default)
        • if the same segment is chosen the experience order should be considered to know what to experience to show.



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