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As a Page Creator I would like to get access to Page Variations for Content Pages when enabled by a Page Admin




      Page Variations (staging) feature allows to publish a set of pages in the live environment. It is composed of "Site Pages Variation" a set of Page variations and "Page Variations". 

      The goal of this story is to enable the "Site Page Variation" in view mode when the staging is enabled while keeping usage of Experiences in edit mode.

      View mode

      Given a site admin has enabled staging (local or remote)


      When a page admin enables Page Variation on public or private pages

      Then when navigating to a given Content Page in view mode the user should be access the "Site Pages Variation" set.


      When a page creator uses the Site Pages Variation selector

      Then the page creator can switch to the desired Site Pages Variation


      When using the 3 dots on the right hand side of the panel

      Then the user can manage the existing "Site Pages Variations"


      Edit mode

      Given a page creator has chosen a "Site Pages Variation"

      When the user clicks on Edit Page

      Then the user has access to the Page Editor showing the experiences instead of the Stating bar elements.



      Given the page creator wants to publicate a page set variation

      Then the content page status "draft" doesn't appear but shows:

      • Approved or Active 


      Test Scenarios

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration) Could it be covered by POSHI?
      The Site Pages Variation is enabled on content page in view mode when enable page versioning Critical Manual TBD TBD Yes
      Can switch to specific Site Pages Variation on content page when enable page versioning Critical Manual TBD TBD Yes
      Can manage Site Pages Navigation on content page when enable page versioning Critical Manual TBD TBD Yes
      The Site Pages Variation is not shown on content page in edit mode when enable page versioning High Manual TBD TBD Yes


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