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Merge the two "Options" menus in a web content display on a content page



      There is a UX issue with the increasing number of "option menus" in Web Content Display on a content page in edit mode There are now three menus that all say options in the tooltip. The edit web content menu must stay. There are two menus that could be merged to produce a menu with the following options:

      • Duplicate
      • Delete
      • Configure
      • Permissions

      Currently these are set over two separate menus and worse for UX the menu that contains Configure and Permissions presents an overlay to the whole web content display that prevents users from accessing the select content hyperlink and the edit web content menu. The result of this is that when trying to "select web content" with that overlay present the user must make extra clicks to get to select web content. If the menu was moved into the topper and overlay removed the user would be able to access the hyperlink, reducing the number of clicks.

      One menu system, in the widget topper. Widget toppers should appear on hover as they do on widget pages. Don't mark LPS-106434 as won't fix because the overlay is causing UX issues ... LPS-106434

      Two menus and cognitively difficult to remember which is which, because on widget pages these menu items are present in the menu in the topper (the blue tab). Liferay is ignoring UX. The result is that it is far easier to interact with widgets on widget pages than it is on content pages, it's a UX issue.


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